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Tesla Free Energy Generator

You can stop paying excessive electricity fees today with the [Free Energy Generator] which was invented over 100 years ago by the "Father of Electricity", Nikola Tesla. This technology was developed by genius Nikola Tesla and suppressed by Big Energy (JP Morgan and JD Rockefeller) thus forcing consumers to become slaves to the big electricity companies. The [Free energy Generator] is a simple device that harnesses free energy from the cosmic rays that abound in the earth's atmosphere daily.  Easy to build, the Tesla [Free Energy Generator] requires very little technical ability and its parts can be found at any hardware or electrical store.
The materials I used to build my Tesla [Free Energy Generator] cost me just under $100 dollars and I have already knocked off 60% from my monthly electric bill of around $200 dollars. I paid $80 dollars the last few months and am currently building another generator (in my spare time) to get completely off the grid. The Tesla [Free Energy Generator] can replace any electrical power needs; from small appliances to an entire household. And its mobile too....take it with you on camping trips, to the beach, mountain cabins, outdoor events...and any other place you may go.
Nikola Tesla [Free Energy Generator] harnesses the electrical particles that surround us everyday. Solar, fuel cells, windpower, bio-fuels, etc., are popular alternative energy sources, but are quite expensive. Solar panels can run into thousands of dollars and does not always provide power when needed; but, the Tesla [Free Energy Generator] works day and night and during any kind of weather. Build your Tesla [Free Energy Generator] for less than your monthly electric bill and get completely off the grid...even Sell back electricity (that isn't used) to the power companies, and make money off of the utilities!
The 'doubting Thomas's' who never even researched Nikola Tesla's technology, or attempted to build his device, have made negative claims although they have not experienced its amazing energy generation, will lose the advantage of being totally free from the grips of Big Energy.  Nikola Tesla wanted to give this gift of "Free Electricity" to all citizens of this planet, but was de-famed and de-rided as a "crazy scientist" by those who sought to ruin him and his wonderful ideas.  But today, his long-suppressed patents are available to anyone desiring to provide free energy for their home.  Anyone can build a generator to any size and capability, that can be taken anywhere for any use.  If paying your monthly electric bill has not got you angry enough to do something about it, then Nikola Tesla's [Free Energy Generator] is not for you. However, if you are pissed-off by Big Establishment's long term RIP-OFF, then do your family and yourself a favor; and for mere pocket change, get Nikola Tesla [Free Energy Generator]. 
In today's economy, cutting out your monthly electricity bill with the Tesla Secret Generator alone will add much-needed cash to your budget if you have been 'scraping by' as I was. My electricity bill was my one obsession until I discovered the genius of Nikola Tesla and his gift to the world....Free Electricity!  And, I will have ALL my electric costs at ZERO when I complete my bigger generator. I get excited just thinking that PG&E will pay me for the power I don't use.
It's legal and simple to build.  Nikola Tesla's [Free Energy Generator] provides electricity anytime, and, any where its needed. Upon using the [Free Energy Generator], I was amazed that for less than what I've been paying monthly to the utility, and with  a few items from the hardware store, I could generate enough power to give me a substantial savings of almost 60% off my bill. I look forward to completing a larger and more powerful Nikola Tesla [Free Energy Generator] and producing enough free energy for the rest of my life.  I am building smaller generators for my family to use both at home and on their trips away from home (camping and Disneyland/LegoLand).
My Generator powered up my washer/dryer and air condition all at the same time and continued until I turned it off. I was truly amazed. And now, my home is about 60% "electrified."  Nikola Tesla technology is a simple one. This generator captures the electrical energy in the air which is FREE for everyone.  This device is available for anyone to build and enjoy FREE electricity without spending a fortune on solar panels which is a popular option many prefer, but it is a useless and costly alternative to the Nikola Tesla [Free Energy Generator] and, besides being very expensive, solar is a poor performer on cloudy or rainy days and at high elevations.
My Nikola Tesla [Free Energy Generator] (a smaller device) has gone with me on many excursions...camping, hiking, visiting relatives and friends...and they cannot believe the power produced by this little device.  Free energy is not only cheap to build, but can reward you and your family for many lifetimes without being 'enslaved' by Big Energy.
Everyone can now harness electricity for life and won't cost an 'arm and a leg' to use it. I know that the [Free Energy Generator] works for me and I want the same for my family. Why should everyone continue to keep shelling out exhorbitant fees to the RipOff utilities to make them even richer? 
The principal behind the Tesla free energy lies in the billions of cosmic particles in the air that rain down on the earth everyday. Nikola Tesla built a small device to harness this energy and apply the voltage to common household appliances. Though the technology is a simple one, it was carefully guarded by the mainstream electrical companies that would prefer we buy our power from them, often racking up thousands of dollars a year in utility bills. Free energy is available to anyone who wishes to use it and can be captured by a small handheld device that anyone can build themselves.
You need not be a mechanical whiz kid to put together your own Tesla free energy power strip, and the four pieces necessary for construction are available at any hardware store. The Tesla secret generator is mobile and can be used in any home, on camping trips, or used to power up a residential structure that is not hooked up to the city power grid. Totally legal, yet buried by the media, the Tesla secret inventions were concealed away for decades to keep the technology out of the consumer’s hands for the purpose of multiplying the riches for the big power companies.
No matter what happens to the energy prices due to few resources or the political climate, the Tesla secret generator gives you absolute control over your electrical destiny with cosmic rays any time you need it. Charge your cell phone, major household appliances or carry the Tesla device in your trunk as an emergency voltage resource. Nikola Tesla was a genius and his heart was in the right place to find a source of electricity to serve man. The problem was that big business got greedy and decided to charge us for a natural resource that is free and easy to capture.
My best advice is for you to do your own research and discover the power of cosmic rays and all they can do for us on a daily basis. Solar panels cost a fortune and only work when the weather conditions suit them. Paying the electricity companies for the rest of your life will put you in the poor house. A prudent mind will come to the conclusion that we are not slaves to the energy companies anymore. The Tesla secret scam is no scam at all. This basic principal to harness your own electricity for life is easy to understand, a snap to build and costs mere pocket change to get it up and running. So, do yourself and family a favor!  

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